Aaron Bubbico (“Coach Bubz”)

I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, but have lived in New Mexico for over 30 years. I love spending my free time with my amazing wife Corrie and our 3 boys. We also have a dog, pig, and 16 chickens. For fun, I enjoy working out, playing music, and trying new and “impossible” things! One of the highlights of my week is getting to take a break from all the other things in my life, and just play some music and lead worship.

From an early age, I have been involved in health and fitness, starting with dance and gymnastics as a young kid, and then moving into competitive ice hockey until the age of 18. I began bodybuilding at 17 and obtained my IFPA Pro natural bodybuilding card in 2009. I competed on the IFPA natural bodybuilding circuit for 2 years, before “moving on” to pursue a more family oriented fitness lifestyle. 

Crossfit has become the perfect fit for my lifestyle, giving me the ability to train at a high fitness levels and compete; while still having time for family, friends, and other interests. I decided that I needed to find something that was more FUNCTIONAL for my life, something long-term and sustainable. I have the tendency to become “obsessive” with my goals. That’s why I like Crossfit! It allows me the ability to train hard in 60-90 minutes a day, and even include my family in the process! It’s perfect for balancing my life.

I am the owner of CrossFit Albuquerque, a coach, and a member of the community. Since I do a lot of the programming for the gym, being a part of the community, and not just coaching or managing, I tend to take an even more invested effort into the programming and overall “health” of our gym environment; based on what I see both as a coach and an athlete. My goal for CrossFit Albuquerque is to bring a CrossFit experience to Albuquerque that is unique, refreshing, family friendly, and a place that just “feels like home”. 

Educationally, I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), CF-L2 trainer, and received my Masters in Exercise Science from the University of New Mexico in 2012; where I studied under Dr. Kravitz and Dr. Robergs. Shortly after finishing my masters, Dr. Kravitz and I collaborated on the “one of its kind” “Essentials of Eccentric Exercise”. This book has recently been released in the Chinese market as well. I am passionate about physiology and how the body works before, during, and after exercise. In addition, I have a minor in nutrition and have a certification in sports nutrition. I think if you want to be successful for your health, for the long term, you have to have a full comprehensive approach that includes: nutrition, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. 

As a coach, I love to focus on one thing at a time, finding that one “key” cue that helps fix an individual’s technique or performance issue, so they can reach their full potential. 



I am originally from Raton, NM, and have lived in Albuquerque for almost 10 years. Throughout my life I have played sports in some capacity from varsity to club and have always been involved in some fitness program from cardio queen to bro lifting. I love exercise, pushing the limits of my body and attempting to perfect movement. I was introduced to CrossFit via Whitney Elks (following her through her sports endeavors). Like most, I was hooked immediately. CrossFit gave me what every sport I have ever loved gave me; a sense of achievement, a challenge, and a hunger to want to be better. However, CFABQ took it one step further and gave me a community. These are the things that I want to share with everyone that walks through the doors at CFABQ. Helping people grow into the athletes they want to be, to take a challenge head on, and to have a good laugh at the end of the day is what makes me love being here. I have been doing CrossFit since 2012 and I plan to do it for the rest of my life. I have competed in multiple local competitions and had the honor of competing on the CFABQ team that qualified for Regionals in 2013. I ran my first marathon in the spring of 2018 (Baton Death March) and the Duke City ½ marathon in the fall of 2018 and I plan to continue to attempt to grow into a “runner” in the upcoming year. I am CrossFit Level 2 Certified and have been coaching since 2014. I have a couple of engineering degrees and am currently pursuing a degree in nursing. 

Felicia (“FJ”)

I am a born and raised Albuquerque, New Mexican. I am a St. Pius X alumni and UNM grad. I majored in Biology, and was one class shy of a double major in Chemistry. I graduated with the intent of going into into medical school, but found an interest in cytogenetic technology. I worked for several years in Santa Fe at a lab analyzing chromosomes for genetic abnormalities. After having my kiddos, I decided that the commute was not worth the time away from my family. Between then and now, I have worked in a commodities company specializing in raising and selling cattle and as a key leader at Lululemon. CrossFit easily became a passion in 2014 and in 2016 I received my Level 1 certification. I love sharing my passion for fitness in any form. I love the community that we have and that we continue to build. The most rewarding thing about my job is seeing our athletes’ goals being achieved and knowing that I helped them get there.

Jack Mullaney

Jack is 23 years old enjoys all aspects of fitness. He believes fitness is one of the keys to finding happiness in life. Jack has a passion for serving the Lord and helping people become happier and healthier people. Jack’s current training goals are to compete in a powerlifting competition this fall in the 57kg weight class.

In his spare time Jack enjoys spending time with his fiancé Sam and their little puppy Rory.

Jack is certified in CPR AED and has his CrossFit Level 1 trainer certification.

Guillermo (“G”)

I smoked for 20+ years with some bouts of attempted fitness. I announced I was quitting smoking and my wife dragged me to CrossFit. The intensity and community ensured that I stayed free from cigarettes. The thrill and satisfaction of achieving small victories on a daily basis is a wonderful motivator. I enjoy sharing in those goals and achievements alongside others. I am an engineer by profession and love solving problems of all kinds. This extends to working with athletes in class and over time, learning from the other coaches. I appear unsocial at first, but I prefer more meaningful 1-on-1 interactions which I utilize in coaching by attempting to provide solid functional feedback and motivation, and as an athlete, I will never turn down other coaches observations and pointers. I have my Level 1 CrossFit Certification.

Adam D. Williams

I’ve always been an active guy – I was that guy who had a ‘sports bag’ with equipment for every sport (except for golf :-)) and was ready to play whatever, whenever.  Competitive tennis…rock-climbing…collegiate/club ultimate Frisbee…I would go through periods of intense interest in a sport – but then for some different reason would kind of fall away.  Then, I went to Boston for grad school and dove head first into studying…complete with a horrible diet, non-existent sleeping schedule, and a generally not-fun attitude toward life.  Then my amazing wife (more or less) mandated that I find SOMETHING to do…

I had stumbled upon the CrossFit Games on ESPN and was intrigued by the whole ‘constantly varied’ aspect of their definition of fitness.  So, I looked for a box near where I lived, found one and needless to say, the combination of the challenging fitness and fantastic community made an impression.

Becoming a Crossfit coach felt like a logical next step, as through my crossfit journey I began to get more excited about other athletes reaching their PR’s than I did about reaching my own.  I’ve coached at CrossFit boxes near Boston and in Albuquerque for a number of years–and I travel a lot for my real job–so I bring some new ideas and thoughts to coaching at CF/ABQ.  While I might be known more as a strength athlete, I do enjoy learning new gymnastic moves and *trying* to improve my METCON engine. So, here’s to joining a great team of coaches ready to help our members attain goals, break down barriers, and become just plain ol’ all-around awesome!

In real life, I’m normally known as ‘Emily’s husband’ – pretty much because she’s the greatest thing to everyone, ever.  If she’s not around, I take on the moniker ‘Josiah’s Dad’ or ‘Sam’s Dad’ or ‘Theo’s Dad.’  In my other life, I work on various global security and nonproliferation-related issues–a mouthful, yes, but in short I work with Tina H. to try to save the world.  I cannot crochet, I wish I could break dance, and one of these days I’ll beat Coach Aaron in a WOD. 😉

Adam has his CrossFit Level 1 certification, USAW-L1SP, and is certified in First Aid CPR AED, American Heart Association.

Jessica Gianardi

I was born and raised here in the Land of Enchantment. I am a fitness enthusiast and lover of the New Mexico sun. I have been extremely active for the last 12 years of my life and have been leading group fitness since 2011. Whether it be in a group setting or a one on one encounter, I am extremely passionate about teaching the technical aspect of fitness. I love to emphasis proper technique and range of motion — which compliments my love for Olympic lifting. I have been lifting and competing since 2016. I completed my CFL1 in 2017 and started coaching at Blackbox Fitness. During my time at Blackbox, I fell in love with coaching CrossFit. I love that it is an all inclusive “sport.” It welcomes all ages, all walks of life, and is beneficial and doable for all humans.

In 2018, I obtained my BA in Community Health Education from UNM. I love to be in the field, working with the community and hope to eventually bring some of that to CFABQ. I am very passionate about working with adolescents and hope to be a high school PE teacher in the years to come. I currently am a mommy to my soon-to-be 2 year old son, Sebastian. I am so excited to be a new part of the CrossFit Albuquerque community.

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