When to Use Wrist Wraps and Strength Wraps


Many people aren’t sure when to use wraps or if they even need to use them at all. Many people overuse and misuse these items. So let’s talk about it.

When should they be used? They should be used to provide extra support to the wrist joint during heavy pressing and overhead movement positions. Also, they can be good if you experience regular wrist pain/discomfort or if you are competing with a wrist injury.

During pressing and overhead positions, the wrist is usually under a heavy load and can be pulled into excessive extension. This can lead to improper mechanics, injury, or failed lifts. But they are NOT needed all the time. Don’t use them as a band-aid, use them properly.

Before these lifts you should focus on warming up without your wrist wraps. Warm up your wrists and don’t use your wraps until the weight is getting heavy, where you are working near or at your max weight for that lift. Don’t become dependent on them because it will limit your strength development.

Don’t wear wrist or strength wraps for gymnastics- unless you are using the vault or pommel horse… We know you won’t be though.

If you don’t feel the need to wear wraps, then don’t!

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