Top 3 things to work on post wod

One of the questions I get pretty often is, “what should I do now that Ive finished the workout and I want to work on stuff”? Of course this is highly individual, but I will give you my top 3 categories and some examples of each. So next time you finish a wod and have some extra fire in you dont just let it go to waste, use it!

1.  Mobility.  It isnt fun, it mostly just hurts but even 5 min of mobility can go a looong way, mostly for those of us with glaring issues (front rack, overhead position etc). For these things light (15lbs/pvc) work with a bar is usually best. Also you can never go wrong some directed foam rolling or it can be a simple as accumulating 2-3 min in the bottom of a squat.

2. Gymnastics. These are the movements that in the right place can make you or break you. We all know our weaknesses. Dips, HSPU, pullups, pushups,T2B, the almighty muscle up. If we didnt hit them that day, go for it. Isometric holds are also very effective and not that hard on your muscles. So holding the top of a dip, chin over bar, or even a front leaning rest are all excellent ways to gain some strength. Ask about progressions for any of these and we can help you out, especially with the muscle ups.

3. Weightlifting accessory  movements. If you want to move weight more effectively these are for you, start with drills (snatch balance, tall snatch, muscle snatch) and if you already did some technique work that day then go for some simpler heavier movements like pulls, good mornings, RDL, stiff leg DL, weighted hip extensions. These all will work towards beefing up your posterior chain and making those muscles fire. You can also never ever go wrong with abdominal exercises like v ups with a plate/medball, or partner medball situps etc.

Hopefully this gave you a few ideas for the next time you have a few minutes and some motivation to break out of average!!

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