Top 10 stocking stuffers for a CrossFit junkie

The big day is less than a week away! Most of you have probably gotten your Christmas shopping done, maybe not. Let’s talk about some last minute icing-on-the-cake items. Don’t worry; if you’re not willing to pay the extra price for express shipping, we have plenty of ideas listed that can be purchased in town. Here are the top 10 stocking stuffers for the kool-aid drinking crossfitters in your life:


  1. Paleo snacks! Everyone knows the quick way to a crossfitter’s heart is a big bag of tasty beef jerky (preferably grass fed). Other awesome snacks include paleo cookies (try Hail Merry Macaroons), paleo friendly almond truffles (found next to the macaroons), a bag of nuts, and Larabars.  All of these items can be found at Whole Foods.  Paleo Kits are great too, but have to be purchased online.
  2. A new jump rope, or replacement cable.
  3. A pair of wrist wraps. Strength Wraps are a popular choice found here.
  4. A new shaker cup and a bag of their favorite protein powder. Progenex and Stronger Faster Healthier are great if you don’t know what they usually go for.
  5. Fish Oil.
  6. Kenesio tape (Rock Tape), or plain athletic tape.
  7. Hand maintenance items: a pumice stone to grind down calluses and vitamin E oil for tears (both found at your corner drug store).
  8. Mobility gear. Make a trip to a sports store and pick up some lacrosse balls, a mobility stick, and some resistance bands. Everyone needs more mobility.
  9. Long sock for rope climbs
  10. Tiger balm

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