Product Review: The Nike Metcons By: Matt Booth


These are Nike’s version of CrossFit shoes.
They are the Nike Metcons.

1) How are the Nike Metcons different from other CrossFit shoes on the market?

The main differences are more arch support and a narrower toe box (compared to Reebok Nanos).  They also have a more solid heel in my opinion, which helps to feel more grounded and stable when lifting.

2) Why are the Nike Metcons better?

I think they are better than other shoes on the market because they provide more support, which makes them more comfortable for WODs that include running. Most of the other shoes out there are so flat and have minimal to no arch support, which can lead to foot and shin pain for some people.

3) Who should buy the Nike Metcons?

I would suggest these shoes to anyone looking for a durable and solid shoe for CrossFit, but also wants something with more support and comfort than the Reebok Nanos or Inov-8 models. I think they would also be best for people who don’t have wide feet.

4) What are some of the features of the Nike Metcons?

They feature a rope guard made of rubber, which was engineered pretty well and helps your feet “bite” on rope climbs and also protects the shoe from damage. The shoes also feature Flywire Technology, which consists of filaments in the upper section of the shoe that provide support without adding unnecessary weight. Nike has released multiple color schemes too, so there are a lot of options (although some are difficult to impossible to find right now).

5) What are the pros/cons of these features?

I really like how they are more supportive and designed better for running, while still feeling solid enough to lift in. I don’t have an extremely wide foot so these seem to have a tighter fit, which is a pro. The only con I have found is that the laces will come untied fairly easily even if you tie a double knot. However, I’ve heard purchasing aftermarket laces eliminates the problem. Also, out of all the shoes out there right now, I think the Metcon is the most aesthetically pleasing.

6) What is the rating MB gives these shoes (out of 5 stars)?

Overall I would give the Nike Metcons 4.5 out of 5 stars. They are really a great all around shoe for CrossFit.

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