Mental capacity

Many think that to do CrossFit you have to be some kind of super athlete or partially crazy. The truth of the matter is most of it comes from self determination and mental toughness. CrossFit is special because it bounds people through suffering. I was told in the military that the closest friends and the friends that you will have your entire life are the ones that you suffer the most with and endure the most trials and tribulations with. I think that carries over a lot in our gym. Each gym builds a family type community and I believe it is because we suffer together, we see each other struggle and we help each other get through it. To be honest one truly isn’t going to get better until they push through that mental wall, that place in your mind where you say I quit I cant do this anymore so you do. I have been there and recently too, but thanks to my fellow athletes they shamed me through it because I knew that they were right. I wasnt going to get better unless I finished and I would feel like crap thinking I cheated myself had I not finished. There is no greater feeling then finishing a workout you think you couldn’t do. Many of the workouts I see I tell myself no way but once i hear that 3,2,1 go… something in my mind turns over and I grind through it.

Basically what this rant and rave is about is not going through the motions as a crossfitter because its what sets us apart from any other aspect of fitness. Giving up during a workout doesn’t only affect you it affects everyone around you all of your family here at CF ABQ.  Set goals .. achievable ones! Everyday before or after class do something to make yourself a better athlete/ person. Quitting is like a cancer once one person sees that someone can quit in a workout then they start thinking its ok and the bottom line is its NOT!!! Don’t be that cancer, don’t give up on yourself, and I promise we wont give up on you. Things will get hard and seem impossible but look around the next time you think you cant do something and see your fellow athletes doing it and suffering through it. Take a step back tell yourself you can do it and hit it hard. Have that confidence don’t be shy, you guys work harder than anyone I know be proud of that and wear that badge with pride. The next time someone tells you your crazy for doing CrossFit tell them no Im not Im just mentally tougher than most and its because we help each other get through the worst of the worst. We are a family.



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  1. Joe L. says:

    It’s just as much mental toughness (if not more) as physical! I don’t understand that, but that’s what I love about it.

  2. s.lujan says:

    I was at that point in my life just when i wanted to just give up and look where iam at now amazeing thanks to my CROSSFIT/ABQ FAM ……READY FOR ANYTHING ((CROSSFIT))

  3. Jose Calderon III says:

    Preach! AJ hit the nail on the head…we are a family and suffering together makes the bond that much stronger!

  4. Duran says:

    I love my gym, my box, my place to work out. I love walking in terrified and walking out accomplished. I love sweating ‘til I’m soaked, wearing calluses like a badge of honor on my hands, and leaving sweat angels on the floor. And man…. do I love those people I call family at ABQ CROSSFIT!!!!!!

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