March Coach Spotlight: Jacy “Guns” Gansz

Name: Jacy Gansz-Torres (aka Jacy Guns)

Position: Coach (5am/6am 3 days/week, 5pm/6pm Thursday/Fridays)

When did you start doing CrossFit? I started doing CrossFit in August in 2012.

What made you decide to start coaching? I was absolutely addicted to CrossFit (still am) and I was always looking for new information about CrossFit, watching every video I could, reading all the articles when an opportunity to coach came up so I jumped on it. I had the best examples from Joe, Matt, and Whit on how to coach and how to grow as a coach. To this day, I obsess over learning more about movement and the human body and how to take that knowledge and put it to use as a coach in our gym.

What do you like most about coaching? There are so many things about coaching that are great but I think my favorite thing is when someone reaches a goal they had, whether it be a pr or getting the hang of a new movement they wanted to figure out. Its awesome when they get it and their face lights up and they end with a pr dance!

What is your favorite thing to coach? Jerk’s-because they are super elegant, test all the athletic markers of speed, strength, balance, and accuracy, and watching someone throw heavy weight over their head is just plain fun.

What is your least favorite thing to coach? Double unders-I hate watching someone fail at them because I for sure have sympathy pain for the whip marks.

What is your favorite lift? Deadlift 🙂 with Jerks in a strong second place.

What is something most people do not know about you? Outside of CrossFit, I love to read. I read about two books a week and I am not picky on genre. The last book I read was Kingdom of Ash by Sarah Maas.

What is your favorite thing about the CrossFit community and CFABQ community? The overall CrossFit community is super inspiring with people working hard on their goals and accomplishing amazing things. They set great examples of if you want something and you are willing to put in the work, anything can be achieved. The CFABQ community….oh gee, I have gotten to be apart of this community for 7 years and though many things have changed, the goodness of the people remains the same. This place has given me some on my best friends in the world and continues to push me to grow and be better.

What are you most excited about in 2019? For CFABQ, two Opens this year! This means two opportunities to test your fitness, to have the worst anxiety before a workout on Fridays, to have everyone yelling at you to keep going and to enjoy how the volume in the gym increases greatly when there is 30 seconds left in a workout.  I am excited for the opportunities that life will give us, to work on our fitness, and to spend time with all the awesome people.

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