Jen is not your mom

We are all guilty of this at one time or another…. you just finished a gut wrenching workout and have been slowly coming back to earth, when you finally come to, you chat with your buddies for while, grab your stuff and head out. What you forgot was your bar, weights, box, kettlebell etc. Dont be that guy or gal! Matt booth and Jen are not your parents, they are not here to clean up your stuff. All joking aside, please pick up after yourself, it is just common courtesy. There may be a class coming in right behind you that needs to warm up and I totally understand being wrecked, but as soon as you are able to please grab your stuff and put it away in the correct spot. This also shows respect and pride for the gym, the equipment, and us the coaches who will have to pick up after you if you do not do it. Along with that, no one wants to touch anyone else’s juices when they grab an abmat or a bar. So please clean up your dna when you rip hands or shins and sweat on an abmat. If you cannot find the appropriate supplies to do so please let one of us know and we will gladly don some PPE and assist you. We all Make this gym what it is, take pride in that. And you will help Matt booth sleep better at night knowing the plates are in the right spots.

3 Responses

  1. Joe H says:

    Thank you!

  2. Duran says:

    One thing we don’t want is Matt Booth turning green and saying MATT MAD!!!!, MATT SMASH!!!!!! Thank You Joe for pointing that out.

  3. Bambi says:

    If said ish is not cleaned/ put away before the appointed time of the following class, Papa Booth WILL no rep you…
    You will be distraught by this action.

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