@*(*^&^$$%#&^$#ING DOUBLE UNDERS!

Whether we like it or not, double unders are here to stay. They are as much a part of Crossfit as a clean or a handstand pushup. Jumping rope in general and especially double unders are skills. They need to be practiced, and if you are having trouble then you need to practice more. Patience within the movement itself is very important especially when you are learning. I see people go into “panic mode” almost daily when trying to do double unders. You have to relax and feel the rope, wait until it is making its way down in front of you before you jump. And you have to keep your arms under control. If you do hit panic mode you are going to slap yourself to death. RELAX! Take your time. Here are some tips and a short video with some very helpful explanations.

1. Buy yourself a damn rope. There is no consistency when your switching ropes everyday. We can help you size it, remember: (this is my rope, there are many like it but this one is mine) I like the selection offered HERE

2. If you are getting frustrated and want to bite someone or something, stop. Go touch the wall. Take a breath and walk back. Getting frustrated will not help.

3. Start slowly, if your singles unders are rough at best dont try to do double unders in a workout that has 500 of them. Walk before you run. Save yourself the slashes.

4. Relax. Take your time with what your doing. You are swinging a 3oz piece of equipment, its not a sledgehammer. It takes dexterity and finesse, not raw beast mode or panic mode.




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  1. Adam says:

    Patty, you’re funny. Good post and good information.

  2. Patty says:

    Thanks, Adam. …But Joe actually wrote this one, he just forgot to logout of my account.

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