Gym Etiquette

1. Be on time.  Give yourself enough time to sign in, change, etc. No one likes to do extra burpees.

2. Clean up after yourself. If you leave sweat, blood, puke or any other fluids around please clean them up. This also applies for the chalk demons, if your area looks like the set of Scarface please clean it up. Pick up your used tape, band-aids, and  skin flaps. Put away the equipment in the proper places, and for Matt Booth’s sake make sure the plates are in the right spot.

3. Respect our equipment. This stuff is here for all of us to use, make it last. Avoid using jump ropes outside, Never drop an empty barbel, Never drop anything like a kettlebell or dumbell outside, or let go of a rower handle. When you do have to drop do so under control, stray barbells hurt people and walls.

4. If you notice something wrong, something is broken, bathroom is low on tp, let us know so that we can fix it.

5. Go hard. The only way to get better is to work hard and push past your previous best. Empty your cup, push your limits, I would rather you do leg extensions and cable curls with all your effort than do snatches and sprints with  half effort.

6. Don’t cheat reps. No one cares what your score was, everyone cares if you cheated reps. Be honest with yourself, we all know range of motion standards, crappy reps are not beneficial. Listen to your coach, you cannot gauge your form midway through a workout when your exhausted.

7. Learn how to count. If you have trouble ask someone to count for you or use a manual counter.

8.  For advanced athletes, class time isn’t free time. We run classes for a reason, if you want to do your own thing come to open gym. No one is above the basics, just because you know what a kettlebell swing is doesn’t mean you should be talking when we are explaining it to the newer people. You are not perfect, go through all the drills and wait until the coach is done before setting up and making noise. Set a good example for the young guns.

9. Take pride in your gym, be respectful of others around you. Don’t take someone else’s bar, abmat, pullup station etc. On the same note, share equipment when it is needed.

10. We were all the “new guy” or “new girl” at one point, so be courteous to the noobs and introduce yourself. Crossfit gyms have a terrible reputation of being intimidating. A warm welcome goes a long way. These are the people you will be sharing your sweat with. Cheer on your gym mates and give them a high five or knuckles for a wod/lift well done.

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  1. matt says:

    Amen bro! I think we should frame this and post it somewhere in the box.

  2. Lance says:

    roger that 🙂

  3. Ben says:

    Yes and Yes

  4. Shane says:

    Double yes and yes

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