Are you Happy?

I was once told at a wrestling camp that in order to be truly happy you need to find your purpose in life. I can agree with that statement but I believe that plenty of people are happy in this world but just lost. I have also been told that if your successful your happy, but there are plenty of studies that show the opposite. Positive thoughts and actions actually develop more successful people not the other way around. If you think about it its totally true. The people who say ill never do a pull up or I will never be able to lose 30 lbs, while gaining muscle mass and toning down at the same time are the exact people who wont. They wont because they are negative and negative thoughts produce negative results.Try this experiment with a partner the next time your at the gym. On person holds both arms out and the other tries to push their arm down while giving them positive encouragement ie.. good job, your killing it, keep it up etc.. Next do the same thing but tell the person with their arms up they are weak, disappointing, and cant keep their arms up. You will see for about 99 percent of you when you are told negative things your arms will drop much easier than when you are fed positive reinforcement. We are responsible for all the actions in our lives others might influence it but in this country and in this day and age we are the overall navigators of the choices we make. I find it uplifting to claim responsibility for things that go wrong in my life. Its like a huge burden lifted off my shoulders i.e… I am not strong enough to compete in the cross-fit games…and I am responsible for that! But I have a positive outlook on the situation as well, though i might not be there yet but, I am confident that with help from my team mates and coaches that I will be. I might get frustrated with it at times but I have learned that anything that I have put my mind to and seen through has had a positive result in my life. So start owning your life be responsible for your flaws and then destroy them turn and them into your new strengths.

Its so easy in the “sport of fitness” to get down on yourself because there is always something that we need to work on whether its gymnastics, oly, or our gas tanks. Ask an elite CrossFit athlete and they will tell you that they need to work on this or this but they will also tell you I will be ready next year and I’m going to work hard because this is something that I love and enjoy doing. The thing is though that if you go into every workout believing in yourself saying I got this or I love burpees or whatever it is you hate and you say it enough you will actually start to believe yourself. We have to learn how to make horrific workouts fun otherwise why do it? Why suffer if its not going to make you better because you lost faith in yourself and your well being. We as coaches will be there to pick you up  when your low and don’t believe you can do something but like I said its up to you ultimately to get it done. I believe that every member at our gym has unlimited potential whether your just starting or been there since they opened.


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  1. Jose Calderon III says:

    Motivate me, AJ! Great post…it made me think about last night’s burpee/clapping push-up combo haha

  2. Chris Kunstadt says:

    “uplifting” indeed.

  3. Amy Martinez says:

    Exactly what i needed to hear this week! Well put 🙂

  4. Duran says:

    This was a great post AJ, Motivation indeed

  5. Bekah B. says:

    You have just set the bar really high…I now want to hear something just as inspirational every week! Now I am going to be the little engine that could 😉

  6. Joe H says:

    You bet your @$$ I’m happy!

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