2016. A New Year. A New Goal. Make It Happen.

It’s that time of year. We are looking back on 2015 and welcoming 2016. It’s that time when many people come up with New Year’s resolutions they will most likely break within the first month. What’s ironic is that people sometimes claim that New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken. We are looking at this all wrong. Trust me, I’m no saint and I have certainly not kept every New Year’s resolution that I’ve made. But maybe we need to look at it in a different light and be more forgiving of ourselves if we don’t stick to that resolution. First, let’s just call it a goal so there’s no connotation that attaches it to the new year. Second, instead of giving up and giving in, why not pick ourselves back up and start fresh the next day? Why not pick a goal that actually means something to you and make it specific? Don’t make a general goal that comes out as word vomit. Make it a goal that you want to accomplish, that is going to challenge you, drive you, anger you, excite you, or something you want to be proud of.

Choose a goal that makes you want to try harder the next day. I can understand that it’s disappointing when you miss/break/fail your goal. Don’t give up at that point. Turn it into a lesson. What triggered the breakdown? What can you do to fight the next breakdown? Can you push yourself each and every day to follow through? What will make you follow through?

Maybe your goal is to not be so negative (at work/in the gym/around family/around people in general). Maybe it’s to give 100% of yourself in every workout you do. Maybe it’s to donate a percentage of your time to community service projects in your neighborhood or at your child’s school. Maybe it’s to floss once a day EVERY day. Maybe it’s to pay off your credit card debt. Maybe it’s to clean and jerk 1.5 times your body weight. Whatever your goal may be, make it true to you. Don’t do it for anyone else.

Just keep in mind that you have a support system to help you get there. Find someone that will hold you accountable. Make it a realistic goal. Put an end date on it, or if it’s ongoing, add milestones so you know how you are doing and you can track it. Finally, write it on the Goals Board in the gym and get ready to check it off when you accomplish it.

Here’s to 2016. A new year, a new goal. Make it happen.

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