Tips to Complete the Open Workouts Successfully

With 15.1 and 15.1A in the books, we have 4 more Open workouts to go. Here are a few tips to help you successfully complete the final 4 workouts.

1) Plan accordingly for each Open workout. Know when you are going to complete them and at what time. Make sure you have someone available to judge you. Do you want to do it with the rest of the gym, by yourself, or with your biggest rival?

2) Research each WOD. Watch the videos so you know exactly what the workouts are and the movement standards. Watch other athletes perform the workouts so you have an idea or game plan of how you want to attack it.

3) Warm up properly. The last thing you want to do is pull a hamstring and have to sit out the rest of the Open because you did not warm up properly. Warm up for each movement in the workout. Make sure you have taken the time to get your heart rate up a little bit before you bust out of the gate. Stretch out your muscles and get them ready for 3, 2, 1, go!

4) Have a game plan. It’s critical to try to think about a plan of attack before you jump into these workouts. Understand your body and what will and will not work for you. A few things to think about are: what is your target score for the workout? What rep scheme are you going to follow to allow for rest periods? What is your planned pace for the workout? Which movements can you do quickly and which ones will take you a little extra time? What are your transition times? What efficiency tips are you going to follow? What is the best strategy for your body type?These are all questions to consider.

5) Have ALL the equipment you need close to you. You don’t want to miss valuable reps because you had to walk across the gym to get some chalk or grab your Oly shoes. Have those things close by. Make sure all the weights you need are near your barbell etc.

6) Fuel and refuel. Your body needs energy in order to keep you going at your optimal level. Eat enough so that you don’t burn out in the middle of your workout. Refuel once you complete your workout to ensure your muscles are not breaking down. Feed your body!

7) Want a better score? If you think you are going to redo the workout, plan it out. Figure out how you can improve from your last score and then execute.

8) This may be the most important of all. Above all, breathe and HAVE FUN! We are all here to have a good time and push ourselves. Test your limits and see what you are capable of. Just make sure you continue to breathe and are having a blast while doing it!

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