Technique Tip: the overhead squat

The overhead squat is a foundational movement not just in Crossfit but also Olympic weightlifting. If you want to snatch well you have to have the basics of the overhead squat nailed down. Here are a few tips and key points for creating a stable shoulder position.

  • Treat light weights in practice as if they are heavy. Imagine that PVC pipe weighs 400lbs. If you are soft/unstable with a pvc pipe you are setting up for softness later.
  • Lock your elbows! If you are having trouble here try widening your grip.
  • Push your armpits forward and stack the bar on your shoulders. Below you can see Keelie’s armpits are facing forward, this spreads the load across her lats (beast mode) and back, stacking her body straight under the bar. The young lady on the top however has her armpits facing the ground, placing her shoulders in an unsafe and unstable position.badohskeelieohs

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