Partner T-Spine Stretch-aroo

Most people do not have a very mobile back, which can lead to back pain or difficulty performing specific movements in CrossFit. Often times this is due to our lifestyle, sitting at a desk all day, being hunched over our phones, lack of awareness, or lack of strength in the back.

The partner T-spine (thoracic spine) stretch is a great way to stretch and feel more “open” before a workout and to loosen up. This particular stretch requires a partner, but if no one is close by you can find other variations you can do by yourself.

Mobility is an important part of working out and recovering properly. Make sure you are stretching enough before and after your workouts to help prevent injury and to feel better overall.

To watch the video, check out the video on the CrossFit Invictus blog.

***This article orinally posted on the CrossFit Invictus blog.

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