Totals Week is THIS Week!


It’s BAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!! This week we will be partaking in TOTALS WEEK.

For our newer members that are not familiar with Totals Week, the intent of this week is to test our “numbers” and benchmark our progress. We usually have Totals Week every 6 months and test ourselves in several different domains of fitness.

The week is broken up in to sections. We will test the “CrossFit total” on day one; day two we test our gymnastic skills; on the third day we find our Olympic lifting total; the fourth day consists of a 5k run; and the fifth day will test our engine with a CrossFit WOD, usually determined by Joe.

Take Totals Week day by day. Record your numbers to see how you improve over the next 6 months. Use it as a time to test yourself mentally and physically. But most importantly, have fun.

There will be different divisions and we will announce a male and female winner of each division at the end of Totals Week! Keep your eyes peeled on the website for each days activities.

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