In Search of a Pullup?

For many the pullup is the first and most defining test of upper body strength. There are many things that can contribute to making or breaking your first pullup. Here we will start with some basics.  I for one am sick and tired of hearing the old “I will never do a pull up”, with some determination and a few minutes of your time you can have a pull up too. It is a pretty awesome party trick thats for sure!

Below is a video by Carl Paoli, here he goes over a few basics like: grip, hanging position, shoulder activation, and finished position. Gotta start somewhere right? Check it out and practice. More importantly ask your trainer for some direction, they will be more than happy to help you. The biggest thing is strength work OUTSIDE of conditioning workouts. Doing kipping pull ups will make you better at work capacity and of course kipping pullups, not strict pullups. Next time we will explore some more specific movements you can add in to build strength and hit that pullup. Stay tuned!

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