Programming: Personal Training for Recreational Endurance

photo-7 In this section of the newsletter we will be posting a 2 week example of various types of programming that are available.  This week we will focus on Personal Training for a recreational endurance athlete.  This person goes to races (running events, triathlons etc) and is focused on completion, not racing to win.  They also want to stay in the gym.  For the recreational endurance athlete, a solid dose of work in the gym will pay dividends in the areas of strength, power, injury prevention, and general health.  In this example, the athlete is a mid 30’s female who competes in 5ks to 1/2 marathons and has a goal of a 9:00/mi pace for the 1/2 marathon.  At CrossFit Albuquerque, we offer much more than CrossFit.  We can customize a program to fit any goal for any one.




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