What’s shakin’: the importance of post-workout nutrition

Post workout nutrition is extremely important to your performance and recovery in the gym. It’s not uncommon to hear the rattle of shaker bottles at the end of class, and if you aren’t rattling along with them, here are a few reasons you might consider it:

  • You need to replenish your energy stores. By consuming quick digesting carbohydrates after a workout you are providing your body the fuel necessary to kick start protein synthesis (a.k.a. muscle growth and repair). When selecting a post workout protein make sure it includes some carbohydrates.
  • You will feel better tomorrow. Post workout protein aids in muscle repair. During an average workout, you use up a lot of your body’s fuel, but your muscles also take somewhat of a beat down while you are at it. A good quality protein shake will get your body well on its way to recovery, and assist in damage control by decreasing protein breakdown.  You will feel ready to attack your workout the next day.
  • We got some growin’ goin’ on! Consuming a shake with quality protein and carbohydrates soon after working out helps boost protein synthesis, in turn helping us to become faster, stronger, leaner athletes. We want healthy muscle growth, which we all know involves not only exercise, but proper nutrition as well.

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