Paleo malto-meal-ish breakfast

Breakfast can be tricky when it comes to eating clean. It’s hard to stay inspired and creative when avoiding grains. If you are a cereal/oatmeal lover, the paleo life can be especially difficult. When times get tough, and you can’t get warm breakfast cereal off your mind, don’t fret. Here is a recipe for an awesome alternative to warm cereal:

Combine one part almond meal with one part apple sauce in a pan over medium heat. You can add more applesauce or almond meal to play with the consistency. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice to taste. Heat until the cereal is nice and steamy. We like to add a splash of heavy cream around our house, which is in some minds still paleo, but that is up to you guys. Pour it in a bowl and pair it with a side of bacon and a bowl of fruit. Enjoy!

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