We all put our pants on the same way

This post is a short reminder that each of us in the gym put our pants on the same way…or in other words we are are all just people trying to be better everyday.  Some spend every free second training, mobilizing and probably looking at the newest pair of nanos on the internet.  Others come 3 times a week, work hard and go home to a busy life.  Some are trying this out for the first time and every minute in the gym feels like a firehose of information and pain.  Regardless of what kind of athlete you are we are more similar than you might imagine.  Each of us has life outside the gym, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and dreams.  Each of us, from the most accomplished athlete to most untrained have insecurities.  What we all crave and need challenge and support.  The challenge comes in the very nature of being at the gym.  It doesn’t matter if you are two weeks into being at the gym and are piecing your way through function workouts or if you are a top CrossFit Games competitor working 6 to 7 days a week, we are all there for the challenge.  All of us also need support.  Weather you know it or not, you are stepping outside of your comfort zone each time you step in to the gym.  To do that day in and day out, we need support.  Sometimes the support comes from the coaches but most importantly it comes from each other.  Next time you walk in the door, take a look around and give a kind word, or a kick in the pants to someone new.  The words of inclusion, support, (or depending on the person a verbal thrashing) can make all the difference in success versus failure.

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