Tuesday, August 25, 2020

CrossFit Albuquerque – CrossFit

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2 sets:

100 m run

20 jumping jacks

20 mountain climbers

10 quad stretches

:30 sit in bottom of squat (stretch ankles and calves as well)

10 arm circles forward

10 arm circles back

10 arm swings over/under

10 arm swings up and down

5 spiderman crawls with sit back to stretch hamstring

10 thoracic twists to each side (on all fours, one hand behind the neck, and rotate)

3 sets:

5 hollow body rocks

5 jumping squats

5 push ups


Find a 2 RM Split Jerk

Split Jerk


Metcon (Time)

For Time:



*SEE Levels for Reps

Strict HSPU

RX+ TTB, 21-15-9-6 Strict HSPU

RX TTB, 18-12-6-3 Strict HSPU OR 45-35-25-15 push ups

L1 Hanging leg raises, 18-12-6-3 off the box or seated db press 50/35#

L2 Floor leg raises, 18-12-6-3 seated DB press

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