Thursday, January 28, 2021

CrossFit Albuquerque – Open Gym

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10 min move:

1 min cardio

10 ring row with pause at top/5 strict pullups with pause at top

10 perfect push ups

10 RDL


Strict Press or Bench Press:

Find a 5RM

*Try to increase from last week*

This is the last week of this 5RM work. Go for a big number!


5 reps @ 90% of 5-RM from the day

Strict Press

Bench Press


Double Under Skill Development:

0:00 – 5:00

Warm up with jump rope.

-15 singles left leg only

-15 singles right leg only

-15 front to back hops

-15 left to right hops

-30 singles both feet 😉



-Accumulate 20-40 POWER jump singles

-Practice 1 single jump into a double under, back to 1 single, back to double… ect

-Practice 1 single, 2 dubs, 1 single 2 dubs, ect……


*If you have dubs, try to set an unbroken goal for the day!


FREE TIME-Have fun.

*Focus on your current goal that you are wanting to achieve for the jump rope.

**If you do not have a goal, ask your coach to help you develop a SMART goal.**

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