Thursday, August 5, 2021

CrossFit Albuquerque – Home Workouts

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200-400m run

3×10 band walk outs

5 inch worms

20 everest climbers

10 alternating pigeon

60 sec plank


Bench Press

1 set of 6 reps at 75%

1 sets of 5 reps at 80%

1 set of 5 reps greater than 80%

*goal is to go heavier than 2 weeks ago for last set of 5*

Bench Press


Hand Stand/HSPU/Focus

On a 20 MINUTE Running Clock…

0:00 to 5:00 Minutes:

Accumulate MAX time Hand Stand hold

RX+ Free Standing Hold

RX – Wall Hold

Scaled L1 – wall walk up + hold

Scaled L2 – Box V Push up hold

Scaled L3 – plate hold overhead

5:00 to 20:00 Minutes:

-Skill/Strength Work of choice-


Strength Work

-Negatives emphasis

-Kipping at deficit or challenge

Perform Sets of 3-5 reps for 4-5 sets

Skill Work:

Kipping practice

HS Walk Practice

Free Standing Holds


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