There’s More If You Want It

Its getting to be spring time again.  Which means its getting to be time for the endurance program to kick off again.  Which got me thinking that I should highlight all of the training options that we have at CrossFit Albuquerque.

Soon, (in the next few weeks) the endurance program will be starting up again.  The class will be once a week, either Wednesdays or Thursday nights a various places around town.  We generally use the track at La Cueva, the foothill trails, or the loop around the Academy.  In addition to the once a week that we will meet, I will also post 2-3 more running workouts a week on the site.

The programming will have options for short or long course.  Short course should be followed by those wanting to run anything from a 5k to a 10k including most of the shorter obstacle runs.  Long Course should be followed by those wanting to run a half marathon to a marathon.

Now that the logistics are set, the real question is why in the hell would you want to go to running class?  Isn’t CrossFit the only thing you need to be the best at everything?  Well, frankly no.  CrossFit and the training that we do in class everyday IS a very potent thing.  It is the base to build a strong, powerful, healthy body.  It also will allow you to participate in a reasonable level of endurance related activities.  What it will not allow you to do, is to push the upper half of the endurance envelope.  Now I am not talking being a 5 time champion of the Iron Man.  What I am talking about is running a 3-3.5 hour marathon, or running a 10k and feeling good the next day, or competing in your first triathlon and finishing with some gas in the thank. That is what the endurance class will give you.  If you want to run well, then you must run.  To advocate anything else would be like saying that your snatch will get better by doing pull-ups…not going to happen.

So more details and time to come, but start thinking about it, start planning on it, and get ready to get out and RUN!

4 Responses

  1. Joe H says:

    Running…’cause you’ll just die tired…

  2. Tana K says:

    Come join us. Ben will make the runner outa you!! Believe me it works lol 🙂

  3. Duran K. says:

    Running???? Me? Ummmm… Ok I will try it, I hope there’s sweet potato fries at the finish line Lol….. I can’t wait to start, do I hear hill repeats out in the distance then a tempo run… :0) or is it my imagination :S Hope to see everybody out there!!!!

  4. Adan says:

    Running…. I love it and I hate it or maybe it’s that I hate that I love it. I’ll be there!

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