Sunday June 26th Oly Class

CrossFit Albuquerque – CrossFit

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5 mins cardio of choice

4 mins Tabata:

Hollow body/ Superman

30 band pull aparts

30 glute bridges


5 sets:

1 Power clean+ 1 front squat (2 sets) at 65-70% of max clean

Note: pause at the knee 2 seconds on the way up for the power clean.

Technique Focus:

Reinforce a solid bottom start position and maintaining a correct angle at knee.


5 sets:

Clean Pull (shrug to toes)

5 reps at 90% of Clean max

Perform these with a 2 second pause at the knee.


5 sets:

1 behind the neck Push press +1 Split jerk @ 65-70% of max jerk

Technique focus:

Bar path and dropping under barbell with locked arms on catch.

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