Sunday – April 3, 2022

CrossFit Albuquerque – CrossFit

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2 reps: Pause clean (power or full)

– 1st rep pause for 2 secs just off of floor

-2nd rep pause for 2 secs just above or at knee


3 reps: Pause Split or push jerk (from rack)

– 1st rep pause 3 secs in dip

– 2nd rep pause 2 secs in dip

– 3rd rep pause 1 sec in dip

*focus is maintaining upright torso*


4 reps: tempo clean pull

1 second pause at below knee, above or at knee, and hip …

Then explode into pull!

***Use weight loads today that give enough feedback to perform the movement, but light enough to ensure perfect technique. ***

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