Some Fun Stuff Coming Up: Barnyard Brawl, Bugaboo, and 24 Hours of Pain

We have some fun stuff coming up over the next couple of months:

Barnyard Brawl: This weekend (Aug 10-11) we will be heading over to Big Barn for the Barn Brawl.  We have more than a dozen competitors competing in Firevreather, Rxd, Scaled and Masters competitions.  The action will start around 8am on Saturday and will continue throughout the weekend.  Come on out and support the competitors and see some serious competition.

Bugaboo:  This marks the 5th year of Bugaboo.  For those that don’t know, my wife and I lost our first two children to Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA)  when they were every young.  Our first born, Benjamin went by the nickname Bugaboo.  Bug lived for just 200 days before he was taken from us.  Some years after he left us, Shane had the idea to name a workout after him and came up with the idea of 200 thrusters for time.  All of us who have done the WOD know how devastating that 200 thrusters can be.  So Why make it that hard?  He wanted us to remember through the pain why we were doing what we were doing and also to remind us that we might be sore but those kids with SMA never have the chance to move their legs.  AFter the first year, Bugaboo became an event to raise money for the SMA foundation and for all of us to come together, suffer and celebrate Bug and Addi’s life.  We will be having the event on Aug 24th at 8am at Ballon Fiesta Park.  There will be a WOD for the kids, ice baths and lots of Thrusters.  If you havent registered yet go here.

24 Hours of Rowing(also known as pain)  This event will begin September 21st at Noon and will run to noon the next day.  The premise is simple: in teams of 4, row as many meters as possible.  We thought about fundraisers or themes but in the end, we decided just to get together and suffer a bit.  All gyms are welcome to come (if your team comes from outside of of CrossFit Albuquerque then please bring a rower for your team).  For CFA members, we have 5 rowers…so its first come first serve to get a team together and let Joe know you are claiming a rower (if you own a rower please bring it!).  If this sounds good, get your team and send an email to Joe.  For those not wanting to be on a team, come on out and cheer us on, bring food, and heckling.

So there we have it, 3 great events…come out and participate or support!

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