Saturday, September 19, 2020

CrossFit Albuquerque – Home Workouts

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200-400 m run

down and back high knees

Down and back butt kicks

Down and back side shuffle

Down high kicks

Back quad stretch

Down chicken walk

Back over/under the fence

5 cherry pickers

10 lateral lunges

3 whirly birds in each direction

10 bird dogs

20 deadbugs

10 single leg glute bridges

10 arm circles forward

10 arm circles back

10 arm swings over/under

10 arm swings up and down

2 sets:

5 pullups

5 dips

2 sets with a barbell:

3 clean deadlifts

3 clean high pulls

3 muscle cleans


Clean Complex:

1 Clean Pull to Toes +1 Hang Clean (power or full)

1 Clean Pull + 1 Hang Clean

From the knee for the Hang Clean


Metcon (Time)

For time:

100 DU/200 Single Unders

30 Dips

100 Thrusters

30 Dips

100 DU/200 Single Unders

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