Saturday, March 21, 2020

CrossFit Albuquerque – Home Workouts

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8 MIN clock moving through:

1 min cardio (jog/jump rope/burpees)

:15 high knees

:15 butt kicks

:10 hamstring stretch

:15 secs hollow body hold

:30 secs bottom of squat hold


5 cherry pickers

5 inch worms with push-up

10 lateral lunges

3 sets: Each side 4 position spider man crawl (elbow to floor, stretch up to sky, sit back for hammy, and forward for hip)

10 leg swings forward and back each leg

10 leg swings side to side


Metcon (Distance)


4 sets:

90sec fast pace, 1min rest,

45sec fast pace, 1min rest,

60sec fast pace, 1min rest,

15sec sprint,

Rest b/t sets: Walk 5min.



4 sets:

400m fast pace, 1min rest,

200m fast pace, 1min rest,

300m fast pace, 1min rest,

100m sprint,

Rest b/t sets: Walk 500m.



4 sets: (see below details)

400m in 90sec, 1min rest,

200m in 45sec, 1min rest,

300m in 60sec, 1min rest,

100m in 15sec,

Rest b/t sets: Walk 500m in 5min.


Details: All intervals at your 1 mile PR pace except the 100m intervals which should be at your 400m PR pace.

*Thanks to Aerobic Capacity for today workout!

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