Running Class 2014

This years running class starts soon.  We will kick it off on Saturday April 26th at 8:30am.  We will meet  at La Cueva Track.  Bring a watch and water.

The class will meet every Saturday at 8:30am.  There will be 3 workouts per week.  They will be posted Monday and Wednesday under the Endurance Tab…the third workout will occur on Saturday.  I will post the location on Wednesdays workout.

This class is for everyone! Each workout will have a short and long course option depending on your goals.  We will work on running technique, hydrations, fueling, mechanics, speed, and overall endurance.  We will talk about and work on mindset for both training and racing.  While its best if you have a goal in mind, the class and program will work for everyone.  Summer is looming and its time to get outside.  See you there.

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