Pull-up Progressions Part 4

We are continuing forward with the Pull-up progressions from Carl Paoli (click HERE to go to his website). In this 4th progression Carl continues with pulling mechanics. In this video Coach Paoli uses a fat bar because it addresses two things: (1) we are forced to get the pinky finger over the bar and (2) it forces us to increase our grip strength. At CFABQ we don’t have a normal fat bar like the one Coach Paoli uses in the video. However, we do have the dog bone bar hanging from the rig and this could be a substitute.

As in the previous videos, begin with the narrow under-grip, go to the wider over-under grip, finally switch to the regular forward wide grip.

Start hanging in the hallow body position, then start to pull up allowing the extension to happen (brace yourself through the abs and butt). You’ll find that your grip is forced into a better position. Check out the video below for the full breakdown. ll


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