Personal Training-Reasons Why You May Consider Scheduling Private Sessions

Do you know that we offer personal training?

We sincerely want to see our athletes get better. We do our best to give each individual attention, teach them how to kip, remind them to “pull the bar apart,” to find a breathing rhythm, etc. In larger classes, you may not get the coach’s focus that you would like. You may consider private personal training sessions.

Here are a few reasons that you may bear in mind scheduling a few private training sessions:

  • You feel like you are not ready for CrossFit. A large CrossFit class can be intimidating when you have zero weight training experience. Schedule some one-on-one sessions to gain GPP (general physical preparedness) and learn the ways of a CrossFitter. Learn what to expect, how to eat and hydrate, how to stretch and , most importantly, how to execute the typical CrossFit movements safely and efficiently.
  • You have a specific goal/event that you are training for. CrossFit can get you ready for anything but it is smart to train sport-specific areas. Keep your general physical fitness with regular CrossFit classes as well as dial in on your goal.
  • The classes are too large for comfort. We all know that our evening classes can get crowded and we have space and equipment limitations occasionally. Schedule a one-on-one session and you can use whatever equipment you’d like. You can also invite a friend or two and turn it into a small group class.
  • Your snatch looks like crap. If you are having a hard time learning to execute any skill(s) in CrossFit and you would like more personal coaching, schedule a session or two to clean up your technique and learn accessory lifts/exercises.
  • You need to rehab/strengthen an area due to injury. If you currently have an injury or are trying to strengthen the soft tissue around an old injury, learn some isolation exercises as well as compound movements to get yourself back in the game.
  • You are getting hurt. Maybe you are doing something wrong that the coaches aren’t quite catching. Schedule a session for an assessment to see if you are lacking mobility, have a muscle imbalance or just have poor technique.

Private session options:

  • Single session (discounted rates for sessions bought in bulk)
  • Small group session
  • Single sessions + homework workouts
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Body Fat Testing

These are just a few things to consider if you feel like something is missing from your training. If you are interested in private sessions, contact any of the coaches to discuss your goals, concerns, etc.  E-mail Joe ( for prices and scheduling.

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  1. Joe H says:

    How about Homework workouts by themselves? Such as programming a 3-4x /week powerlifting program that would compliment the box’s regular WOD?

  2. Ben says:

    Joe. Yes we can offer that. If you are interested, hit me up and we can get your rolling!

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