Open Gym – Sat, Apr 29

CrossFit Albuquerque – Open Gym

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200-400m run

3×10 band walkouts

5 inch worms

20 everest climbers

10 alternating pigeon

60 sec plank

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD:

For Time:

2-Person Team: splitting work evenly


50KB Goblet Squat


10Rope Climbs


50KB Goblet Squat


RX+ 70/55 lbs, strict hspu, 70/53lbs KB

RX – 155/105lbs, strict hspu with 1-2 ab mats, 15 ft.climbs, 53/44lb KB

Scaled L1 – 135/95lbs, kipping hspu, 10 ft. climbs, 44/35lb KB

Scaled L2 – 115/75lbs, seated db press, seated rc to stand, 35/26lb KB

Scaled L3 – Happy Weights and Movements

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