One Stretch for a better squat

We all know very well that the foundation of strength training is the squat. We here at Crossfit Albuquerque squat at least twice a week, every week. And everyone (yes including Whitney) gets tight hips from all the squating, jumping, lunging etc. One easy and fast way to prepare your body for some heavy squats is the Russian Baby Maker. With this movement our goal is to spread the hips (not the knees), so start with a slighty wider than squat stance width, then bend down and grab your toes/feet. From there bend your elbows and push them as far back as possible into your groin. You should be in a partial squat with some of your weight on your arms to help further push outward on the hips. Try not to sit back and down like normal but rather leaned foward. Do this for 1-3 sets of ~30 seconds before your squats etc, your hips will thank you.


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