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2 rounds:

10 cals machine

3 inchworms + hip drop + scorpion

10 lateral lunge (adductor/groin stretch)

10 PVC pass throughs + lat stretch off PVC

10 Overhead squats

10 single leg glute bridges

#2 Hip/Shoulder

-Dynamic hip stretch 2-3 times each side

*pigeon + hip flexor + hamstring

-DB/small plates (2 sets; 5 reps each)

Rear delt fly, lateral raises, front raises, shoulder press.

#3–>PVC or empty barbell

3 snatch DL

3 snatch pulls

3 snatch high pulls

3 muscle snatches or power snatches

3 full snatches


Pause Overhead Squat (3×5)

Can build in weight. Range: 50-80%

Pause 2 sec at bottom

Hang Snatch (7×2)

Practice a good Snatch DL to start. Lower into hang position. Drop after completing hang snatch. Repeat for second rep.

Percentages may be practiced starting at 60-65% and building up to 80%

*work on: balance in the foot, long arms, shoulders ahead of the bar at the knee, keep bar close, Get full hip extension upon + elbows high.

1 Clean + 1 Jerk (5-6 sets of (1+1) on the E2-3M)

Warm up to a starting %. Sets can be building in weight. Or all performed at a designated %. Do not exceed 80%.

Every 2-3 minutes (E2-3M)


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