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2 rounds:

10 cals machine

3 inchworms + hip drop + scorpion

10 lateral lunge (adductor/groin stretch)

10 PVC pass throughs + lat stretch off PVC

10 Overhead squats

10 single leg glute bridges


Dynamic hip stretch 2-3 times each side

*pigeon + hip flexor + hamstring

#3–>PVC or empty barbell

3 snatch DL

3 snatch pulls

3 snatch high pulls

3 muscle snatches or power snatches

3 full snatches


3 Snatch Push Press + 1 OHS (3+1 x 5 sets)

Building each set. Percentages do not need to go high.


Snatch grip deadlift + Hang snatch + snatch (1+1+1 every 2 minutes for 20 mintues)

Slow snatch DL. Hang position is just above knee cap (knees back!). Full snatches on last 2 reps in complex.
E2M for 20 minutes (10 sets total, building in weight or at a certain weight)

1+1+1 is 1 set

**drop after hang snatch to reset from floor.

60-65% 2 sets

65-70% 2-3 sets

70-75% for the last sets in E2M

Clean Pull (3×5)

Heavier percentages for this lift.



Take time for your body during this day. Stretch/soft tissue mobility with lacrosse ball and/or foam roller. Make sure to address the following areas:



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