No More Tape Allowed On Rig

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Many of our members like to put tape on the bars when doing things such as pull-ups, toes to bar, or bar muscle ups. We are asking that members refrain from taping the bars for a few reasons:
-It’s unsanitary: many members don’t take the tape off, even when they bleed or sweat on them. It’s much easier to clean the blood and sweat off the bars when they are bare.
-It ruins the bars, is messy as eff, and a pain to clean: It leaves goo stuck to the bar. When the tape is left on the bar for extended periods of time, it is extremely difficult to get the goo off, even with Goo Gone. When we have to scrub the bars down, it makes the bar smooth and lose its grippy-ness.

Plus, in any competition (besides the Open) you will not be allowed to use tape on the bars. So get used it and challenge yourself- don’t use tape on the bar.

If you have concerns regarding this, please talk to Matt Booth or Joe.

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