Alright, gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. Time to let the man out, time to embrace your manly facial-locks, and time to promote men’s health awareness. That’s right, Movember begins tomorrow. As many of you know, we been devote supporters of the Movember movement for several years now. This year we would like to extend the invitation to our CFABQ family and ask that you join us in this epic movement of men’s health awareness.

What is Movember, you ask? Well it is the new and improved November. For the next thirty days, men across the country are putting their blades away and letting their mustaches grow to maximum capacity. This in turn creates conversations, generates awareness about men’s health issues (e.g. prostate and testicular cancer), and even raises money that goes towards men’s health programs. Ladies, you can partake too! Encourage your man to  grow that stache out, and give into the undeniable sexiness of a man with an impressive moustache! Interested in participating? HERE is the link where you will find more information about Movember and how you can get involved.

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