Looking Back and Moving Forward


I wanted to piggyback off of Emily’s post on Monday and share some thoughts of my own.  And by the way, the Invictus poem is one of my absolute favorites also 🙂

Well my friends, another year is about to come to a close.  For most of us, this is when we usually have a little extra time off and we get to spend it with those closest to us.  I hope this will be the case for all of you, and if not I hope a respite awaits you soon. I don’t know about you, but it is usually around this time that I stop and take inventory of what happened throughout the year.

As 2013 comes to an end I would encourage each of you to take a few minutes to be alone and remember all that this year had in store for you.  Remember the good and the bad, your accomplishments and your failures, and what you have lost and what you have gained.  Think about the things you want to continue in your life as you transition into the New Year, and those things that you want to leave behind.  Come up with an action plan to ensure those both happen.  If you get stuck, enlist the help of people close to you that you trust, or let me know and I will do my best to help you sort it out.

If you are ridding high and loving life, keep doing what you are doing and don’t let anything stop you.  However, maybe take a look around and see if you can help someone who might not be doing quite as well as you.  Encourage them, mentor them, do whatever you can to help them find the kind of happiness/success you have discovered.

I want 2014 to be an incredible year for each of you and I’m sure all the other coaches want that as well.  It is because of each of you that CrossFit ABQ is such an incredible place.  I want each of you to accomplish things you never thought possible this year.  Start thinking now of what it is you want.  30 unbroken chest-to-bar pullups, a bar muscle-up, to snatch a certain weight, squat double your bodyweight, run a sub 6 minute mile, or complete all of the Open WODs as Rx?  Whatever it is, be sure to make it specific.  Pick some things you are fairly certain you can achieve and also pick some that are audacious.  Share your goals with someone close to you that you trust (spouse, partner, friend, me, one of the other coaches, etc.) so you can be held accountable and encouraged.  Next, get to work.  If you don’t know what steps you should take, ask one of us and we will get you squared away.

I’m excited for what lies ahead and I hope you are too.  This is going to be a great year!  Get ready to struggle; believe; envision success; prepare yourself to bask in the light of victory.

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