Is that cheat meal sabotaging your gains? Part 2

In my last blog on November 5th, I wrote about the role of dopamine and food addiction. In today’s blog I am posting a quiz to determine if you in fact might have an addiction to some type of food.

The following quiz was adapted by the IDEA Fitness Journal from the Yale Food Addiction Scale (Peeke 2012)


Please respond to statements 1 through 7 using these numerical options:
0: never                               3: 2-3 times per week
1: once per month            4: 4+ times per week
2: 2-4 times per month

1. I find myself consuming certain foods even when I am no longer hungry ______
2. I worry about cutting down on certain foods _______
3. I feel sluggish or fatigued from overeating _________
4. I spend time dealing with negative feelings from overeating certain foods instead of sharing time with family or friends, working or doing other important or recreational activities _________
5. I have had physical withdrawal symptoms such agitation and anxiety when I cut down on certain foods (do not include caffeinated drinks) _________
6. My behavior with respect to food and eating decrease my ability to function effectively (daily routine, job, social or family activities) _________
7. Issues related to food and eating decrease my ability to function effectively (daily routine, school/job, social or family activities, etc.) ________

Answer yes or no for the following statements:

8. I keep consuming the same types or amounts of food despite significant emotional or physical problems related to my eating _________
9. Eating the same amount of food does not reduce negative emotions or increase pleasurable feelings the way it used to _________

If you answered yes to either 8 or 9 (or both) and had the scores below on three or more of the statements 1-7, you meet the food addict criteria.
Statement 1: 4                        Statement 5: 3 or 4
Statement 2: 4                        Statement 6: 3 or 4
Statement 3: 3 or 4                Statement 7: 3 or 4
Statement 4: 3 or 4

So what to do if you have now determined that you have a food addiction? In my third and final blog on this subject, I will post suggestions for how to overcome and be freed from a food addiction.


Peeke, Pamela. “The Dopamine Made Me Do It.” IDEA Fitness Journal. Oct. 2012. 34-42. Print.

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