Some Important Changes and News- CFABQ

As many of you know, there was a survey sent out a few weeks ago asking about the gym and coaches. We reviewed your feedback and have decided to make some much needed changes at CFABQ. We ask that you respect these new rules and changes and please give us feedback as to what is and what is not working.

***There will now be three levels to each class- Function, Performance, and Wolfpack. You do not have to be a Wolfpack member to do the Wolfpack level. If you feel the Performance level will be too easy for you that day and you are capable of doing all the movements and weight at the Wolfpack level, ask the coach for some guidance/insight and give it a shot. Wolfpack members AND coaches will now be required to complete their workout with the class. So everyone at the gym during any particular class will be doing the same thing. For members wanting to do extra work, we have added more open gym hours (see below) and encourage you to come during those designated hours to complete that. This change will serve to help us build a stronger more cohesive community, not disturb the classes going on,  get more coaching to all our members, and to keep the space/equipment available for those in the class completing their workout. If there is time at the end of the class you are participating in,  feel free to work on any additional stuff until the next class starts. If you have finished the wod of the day with the class and wish to work on anything additional that will carry over into another class time ask the coach of the current class first! It will be at that coaches discretion whether or not the extra things you would like to work on will be appropriate for the space and equipment available. We are trying to ensure that the operations of the classes and the gym in general run smoothly. With limited space we need to make sure it is available to those working out in the current class first. Everyone will be held accountable and coaches WILL enforce this new rule. If you have additional questions regarding this new rule, please see Joe.

*** The 7pm classes monday-thursday will stay as they are (Mon/Wed-wod and Tues/Thurs-Olympic lifting) but 7pm will now also be Open Gym time as well. Our classes at 7pm have been consistently sized to allow for open gym during this time. We will be working on adding more open gym hours in the future as well.

***After the Advanced WOD on Saturdays, we ask that if you decide to participate, please plan on spending approximately 30 minutes afterwards helping wipe down equipment/some light cleaning . If you decide this is something you’d like to participate in and not do the Advanced WOD, we’d love to have you in the gym to help. Just stop on by!

*** Please see our post on gym etiquette and cleanliness so that we can all work together towards keeping the gym clean.

***If you are late to the class, you will be required to do 10 burpees, or the entire class will do 10 burpees (coach’s discretion).

***If you are talking while a coach is trying to explain a movement or go over the WOD, you will be asked to do 5 burpees. If you decide you don’t want to the burpees, the class will end up doing the burpees for you (let’s not piss off an entire class for making them do burpees). Please be respectful to the coach and to the members who are trying to hear the instruction. It is just common courtesy. Crossfit is all about community and friends, we totally get that, but please wait until the coach is finished with addressing the class as a whole to catch up with your buddies. Once the music is up and everyone is lifting/working, have at it. If you are waiting for the next class to start you can always just go to the front lobby and talk as much as you want.

*** There will now be a 5am class on Friday mornings for all the early birds starting Feb 6th!

***Yoga will now be offered once a week on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, starting February 1st. Please make sure to bring your own mat.

***If you are interested in Nutrition counseling, Whitney offers a one-on-one meal plan for $75. She will also measure your body fat (optional) and discuss your eating goals. This is perfect if you have hit a weight loss plateau, you are looking to gain more muscle and need to up your caloric intake, or just want to have a cleaner eating lifestyle. Contact Whitney for more information at

***Keep a look out for upcoming seminars. These will be a few hours on a weekend day and will help you further develop your skills and efficiency with specific movements. If you want to see a specific seminar, let Joe know and we will get it scheduled!

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