Hygiene and Gym Etiquette Reminders


We all need a few reminders throughout the year in regards to gym etiquette and hygiene.
-Please keep in mind as we head into cold and flu season if you are sick or think you are coming down with something, stay at home until you are well. It will prevent the spread to other members and will allow your body to rest and fully recover.
-If your fluids (sweat, blood, pee, etc) get on the floor, equipment, rig, or any place in the gym, please be sure to clean it up with the Clorox wipes. If you can’t find the wipes, the coaches will be happy to point you in the right direction.
-Please be cognizant of equipment being used by other members and check with those around you before taking it for your own use or using that particular spot on the rig.
-Please watch where you drop your bars as they do bounce and could hit another member.
We are concerned about the safety and health of all of our members and with everyone’s help, we can keep the gym a clean and safe environment.


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