Here We Go! CrossFit Open 2013

According to Forbes, CrossFit is the fastest growing sport in America since the first Games in 2007 and this year is predicted to be the biggest and best yet. In 2011, more than 26,000 athletes registered for the Open. In 2012, that number jumped to almost 70,000 participants. This year is predicted to have six figures.

Finding the fittest in the world happens in three stages. Stage 1, the meat of this blog excerpt, is the Open.  Stage 2 is the Regional competition and finally, Stage 3, the CrossFit Games.

Everyone can and should participate in the Open. It is all inclusive, meaning everyone has the opportunity to compete. The Open begins March 6th and ends April 7th. It is a 5-week online qualifier. One workout is announced every Wednesday for 5 weeks. Athletes have until the following Sunday evening to complete the WOD and submit their scores online to be verified by us, CrossFit Albuquerque. We will be scheduling a time for everyone who is participating to complete the WOD for the week. If you can’t make the scheduled time, it’s not a problem, just schedule a time slot with one of the coaches to judge your performance.

Why should you compete in the Open? Top answer is that it is fun. It is wildly filled with enthusiasm. If you aren’t interested in going beyond the Open to compete in Regionals if you qualify, it’s totally OK. It’ll be just like you are getting your WOD in except with a little more intensity. There is something to be said about enduring this kind of pain with members of your CrossFit ABQ family. Everyone goes hard in these workouts. None of these WODS will be easy, but they will be doable and they will be worth it. I promise you, you will learn something about yourself and grow from this experience.

Another good answer as to why you should compete in the Open…why not? You get a good work out in, hang out with your friends where you usually hang out several times a week anyway, you can compare yourself to all the other hundreds of thousands of people competing, and if you have one of the top 3 scores from our gym for that specific WOD, you help our box qualify a team to compete in the next stage. If you excel in one event and don’t do so great in the others, your 1 great performance aids in the chances for your fellow athletes to compete.

Please, if you have questions, ask us. To sign up, register here and join the affiliate CrossFit Albuquerque. It’s going to be great and completely worth it.

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