Hate cooking? This is a must-read

Like most, coming to CrossFit regularly probably isn’t the hard part about reaching your fitness goals. The hard part is probably the 23 hours you spend outside of our box. I’m talking about cooking and nutrition.

Do any of these phrases leave your mouth?

“I hate cooking.”

“I don’t have time to cook or experiment with recipes.”

“Eating healthy is expensive.”

“I’m sick of eating the same thing.”

Think of getting better at cooking like a training goal. Let’s say you want to be a better all-around CrossFitter. You have to get your bearings first. Beginners start slow and listen to instruction. Learn the fundamentals. Solidify the basics, then challenge yourself.

Here is some help:

1)   Use prime ingredients. Buy grass-fed beef and free-range chicken eggs as often as possible, even if your wallet isn’t overflowing with cash. The health benefit and taste is worth the cost. Also, check out your local famer’s market as often as possible. Support your community and avoid pesticides and hormones in your food this way.

2)   Take note from cooking shows. Don’t worry about getting too fancy, like the iron chef. Just take ideas away for flavoring and combinations of food. It may also inspire and motivate you a little bit to get excited about cooking and head into the kitchen.

3)   Practice. Practice the basics first. Try a fairly simple recipe and build from there next time you cook it. Taste-test your food and add more spices when needed. You’ll learn how to get the taste and texture that you’re craving with more practice.

4)   Make cooking a social event. Attend potlucks or recipe exchanges. Try a cooking class. I recommend a class from jancancook4you.com

5)   Bask in your success. Think about how satisfying it is to know that you just fueled your body with great foods that will help your workouts as well as your mind and overall health.

It’s just like a successful training regimen; get your legs, learn the fundamentals; push yourself outside the box. Good luck!

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