DO NOT Let Children Play on Gym Equipment
There are several reasons we ask that you keep your children (under the age of 16) off gym equipment (equipment = Assault Bikes, rings, rowers, boxes, rig, etc.):
1) It is DANGEROUS and a liability for the gym.
2) Some of the equipment (Assault Bikes, rowers) get heavy usage and improper usage can cause expensive damage to the equipment. The Assault Bikes were just fixed and we don’t want to have to pay to fix them again.
3) It is distracting to others in the gym and may cause a disruption in their workout.
4) Kids are not supposed to be in the gym unless being supervised.
Thank you for your understanding and respect of the gym equipment!

Please Be On Time to Class
We understand that life gets complicated and time seems to runaway from us every once in while. However, we ask that if you are more than 5 minutes late to class, please wait to join the next class. Just like in a doctors office or a law firm, it throws everything and everyone off when one person shows up late.
-It distracts the entire class
-The coach has to direct their attention from the entire class to catch you up.
-The class cannot stay on time when the workout has to be paused for the late person to catch up with warm up, workout explanation, and getting equipment ready.
We thank you for respecting the time of our coaches and the other members time in class. See you in the gym (on time)!

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