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CFABQ is comprised of many unique and incredible individuals, which make it such an amazing community. We sweat, suffer, tear our skin, go through highs and lows, but what makes it an experience like nothing else is we always have someone right there with us to push us and help us make it through. For many of us, over time, we begin training with a core group of people. We push each other; encourage each other; ultimately making each other better than we could have been on our own. Depending on how long you have been training, these people may have become as close to you as family members. For me, and for many others as well, one of these people is Aaron Scott.

As some of you may know one of our original CFABQ family members will be leaving us next week. Aaron Scott will be headed across the pond courtesy of the US Air Force. Aaron has been trying for several months to get the Air Force to allow him to change career fields and cross train to become a Combat Controller (CCT). For those of you unfamiliar with the Air Force, CCTs are an elite special operations group that coordinates air traffic control, fire support and communication in combat zones. The training is beyond intense. Many make the attempt, but only a select few survive to the end. CCTs are often embedded in hostile environments with Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, and Army Rangers. Basically, they are bad-asses. Unfortunately, his orders overseas could not be postponed long enough for his transfer to be approved. However, he will get his shot to cross train into CCT in due time.

I have no doubt in my mind that Aaron will one day don the coveted scarlet beret that is unique to CCTs. The heart, dedication, and work ethic that Aaron has are unmatched. He has been spending countless additional hours outside of the gym working on water confidence, running, and rucking to prepare for the rigorous training that those hoping to become a CCT must endure. And at the same time he is still one of the best CrossFitters in our gym. I have seen Aaron do some truly amazing things over the years, and it is a testament to how hard he works, his drive, and dedication. I have learned a lot by training with Aaron and I’m sure he has impacted many of your lives as well. He is an incredible athlete, great friend, and will be truly missed. If you see him around the gym over the next week be sure to say goodbye and wish him well. Also, feel free to post any thoughts or awesome Aaron Scott stories here as a comment.

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  1. Joe H says:

    Scoot was one of the first people I talked to when I started CF ABQ. He was nothing but professional, welcoming, and an all around nice guy. The two biggest things I’ll remember are his ability to crush a WOD while heavily impaired, and his drive to try something just because it’s challenging or looks fun. Best of luck, Aaron!

  2. Justin Mesch says:

    Aaron Scott you are truly a badass. Many days you where the reason I finished the WOD. You heart and dedication always rolled over to me. Thank you for the brief time I had in the Wolfpack with you. I will always remember Regional 2012 and the post party we all had. I believe it was at Tequilas.Took to many shots so don’t really remember.. But the best of luck you A.Scott you will crush anything your training puts in front of you..

  3. Steve v says:

    Good luck man! Enjoy the new assignment!!

  4. Emily says:

    Aaron has more heart than anyone I have ever met! He is one of the hardest working and most dedicated athletes we have. It won’t be the same at the gym without him. I have no doubt that he will be successful in whatever path he takes in his career and life. You will truly be missed!

  5. Tim says:

    best of luck Aaron! You will be missed at the box.

  6. anna says:

    Aaron! Good luck! It was great getting to know you! I am sure you will be missed greatly at the box! Be safe and take care:)

  7. Kim j says:

    We will miss you Aaron!

  8. Shane Gibson says:

    I can’t say enough about Aaron. Heart. Dedication. Never quit attitude. He does more with his smaller frame than pretty much everyone I’ve ever heard of except Speal. Best of luck Aaron. Go inspire those CCTs like you’ve inspired me.

  9. Jim C says:

    When I first started crossfit Aaron was one of the dudes I labeled as “ultimate bad ass” in my head. I’ve been fortunate enough to do some workouts alongside him these past few months, and I can definitely attest to his never quit attitude. Very inspiring. Super nice, all around good guy too. Best of luck with everything man.

  10. Ryan says:

    Scoot is my “benchmark.” I have drive and dedication, but he is on an entirely other level. He is going to do good things because of his all around attitude.

    Scoot Scoot!! Im going to miss doing dumb shit with you. Take it easy on those limey bastards! GOOD LUCK!

  11. Duran K. says:

    Scoot!!!! Good Luck on your upcoming career keep that heart, dedication, and never quit attitude inside you, I know whatever comes your way you will crush your competition with your drive and dedication. Best of luck to you brutha.

  12. Chavo says:

    All I can say is that you are a total bad ass. You were a true inspiration for me (and I’m sure for many of us) at CFABQ. Good luck and THANK YOU for serving our country Aaron.

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