food or burpees. you pick.

This weekend we wrap up our month long Hunger Heroes food drive with a big event this Sunday, November 3rd from 1p.m.-3p.m. at the Albertson’s parking lot off Tramway and Academy. If you didn’t know that, you’ve probably noticed the cardboard box and canned goods in the front room. When I left the gym this morning the box was full and there were several bags of food on the floor around it. This is great, but I think we can do better. Word on the street is, one of the gyms in Rio Rancho has already collected over 1000lbs of food!

So here is my plan:

The team WOD tomorrow will consist of a hefty burpee buy in.  However, for every non-perishable item you bring with you in the morning you and your team will have one less burpee to do. I am not willing to give away how much of a buy in it will be, because I want to see A LOT of food. It could be 100 burpees, or maybe 300, but let’s just assume it will be a lot. Now, lets say you and your partner each bring 20 cans of food, thats 40 burpees you do not have to do! Think of the possibilities!

If you can’t make it to the team WOD tomorrow, we definitely want to see you for the event on Sunday. Even if you’re not interested in the workout, come by, say hello, and drop of some food! Click here to watch a quick clip of Coach Vigil on the news giving the details of the event. Hope to see you all there. Don’t forget your canned goods tomorrow!

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