Endurance Class July meeting spots

Endurance class on Sunday is in full swing…  but it’s not too late to come out and join us!  Here are the meeting spots for July:

7/2/17: “9 mile hill” Don’t worry- this is not actually a 9 mile run.  Meet us at AFD Fire Station 14 on 9810 Eucariz Ave SW (just south of Central on the west side of 98th street).  Meet us in the parking lot and we will drive together to the starting point of the run.

7/8/17: La Cueva Track

7/16/17: Copper and Tramway trail (head east on Copper past Tramway and it dead ends in the parking lot)

7/23/17: Bosque run- park at the lot off of Alameda and the river

7/30/17: The parking lot at the base of the Tram.  Head up the road just past the County Line BBQ restaurant (about a mile).

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