Data and Programming


We have always encouraged our members to keep track of their daily WODs, and I would like to remind everyone how important it is to track that data somewhere. There are several methods out there to accomplish this task. You can go old school and write things down in a notebook, create your own Google Doc, or there are several apps available for smart phones that will keep track of data, PRs on lifts, and even provide graphical analysis of your improvements over time. My concern is simply that you all choose some method and keep track of the hard work you are putting in day in and day out. Not only will it help you, but when you ask a coach a question you will have valuable information available, which we can use to better answer your questions. Over the past few weeks you might have noticed things on the whiteboard like “lift 5-10lbs more than you did on XX-XX-2014”. I’m sure many of you have a phenomenal capacity to recall information, but you just might not remember what you front squatted that day. This is where that notebook or app will serve its purpose. So please, if you aren’t utilizing some type of record keeping system, choose one and start today. I ensure you it will be of benefit to you.

Some other information I want to address is regarding programming. We have started to program in 4-week blocks with the 4th week being a deload/recovery week. What this means is that you will go hard and be pushed for the first 3 weeks, and the 4th week will be used to allow the body to recovery and regenerate from the stresses placed upon it during the previous 3 weeks. The recovery week will not be as intense as usual and there might be a few days that look different than a “normal” CrossFit class. Please do not skip these days! Recovery days/weeks are a huge part of what makes you improve and also helps with injury prevention. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding these issues, please feel free to ask one of the coaches.

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